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PhytoCalm Tea     Dietary: Regulate BP,Circulation

PhytoCalm Tea Dietary: Regulate BP,Circulation

PhotoCalm-Tea herbs are fresh and bioavailable. Traditionally the photo-chemicals in these herbs are known to be tonic to the heart and nervous system and have been used to correct imbalances that may result in blood pressure problems, cardiac weakness, poor blood circulation and lack of libido.

V.album; C.Laevigata; A.graveolens

How to use:
Add a cup of fresh boiling water to two teabags. Brew 5-8 minutes. Preferably without adding milk or Sweetners.

Cold water Infusion:
For one quart of tea, place 6 teabags in a glass container of fresh cold water overnight. Drink a cup of tea once or twice daily
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